ShadowCash (SDC) is a decentralised crypto currency with a focus on privacy and anonymity, one of the beautiful things of ShadowCash is that you can have two addresses, one that works like Bitcoin, with the operation recorded on a public blockchain called shadowchain, and a second stealth address for anonymous payments where the cryptographic transactions are untraceable to the source.

A P2P encrypted messenger called ShadowChat comes integrated with the software, conversations are secured with AES256 bit without any central server that could be compromised. The existance of ShadowChat gets rid of the need for email or phone calls outside de client, you don’t have to learn PGP or beg the other part to use encrypted means of communication, ShadowCash software is all that is needed to negotiate deals and send money securely. The messenger is text only but audio, video and sending of attachments are in the road map for the next version.

I can’t see myself using video chat not knowing who is at the other end of an anonymous payment but the attachments option is definitely welcome. Even if you don’t make any financial transaction, ShadowChat could be used for day to day chatting and anonymously trading of files.

There are dozens of alternative currencies out there but ShadowCash offers something that is in high demand and very few can fulfil, real anonymous payments. The software is well documented, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile device wallet (ShadowGo). Initially ShadowCash has to be bought with Bitcoins, after that it can be traded in major exchanges like Cryptsy and Poloniex. A fairly active community using ShadowCash provides you with support, this currency looks like it is here to stay.

You can get free SDC coins running the ShadowCash client contributing to process parts of the P2P shadowchain. If you do you will see a message saying “Staking expected time” this let’s you know when and how many SDC coins will be awarded to you.

A marketplace software called ShadyBay (sbay) is also being developed, currently in alpha, when fully completed you will be able to set up your own online shop to sell goods and services with anonymity.

After seeing all that ShadowCash has to offer, I have decided that I will make payments with it whenever possible. I have used Bitcoin before and without a bitcoin tumbling service, that takes a commission and carries risk of the bitcoins going missing, anonymity does not exist.

I believe ShadowCash to be superior to Bitcoin in many aspects, my favourite feature being the included encrypted messenger that saves me of having to send insecure emails, which is often necessary when selling and buying. I loved this project, however, the Windows version crashed a couple of times in my computer, since ShadowCash is still new, I will be giving them another try soon.