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Buying Bitcoin online can be risky and even dangerous, but in these modern times it's a necessity to have Bitcoin wherever you go. If you're looking for some reliable exchanges that will allow you to buy BTC easily and some tips on keeping your BTC safe after that, we've got all the tips and information for you right here!

First of all, you'll need to find a trustworthy and reliable exchange with good exchange rates. Although these rates fluctuate over time and are different during different periods of time, the following exchanges usually have the best exchange value and fees are kept to a minimum on these sites.


Kraken provides a quality and modern UI for those who want a newer and cleaner buying and trading experience, but not one that's overcluttered with unnecessary junk and advertising.  Note that you will need to register and verify on yourself on their site to use it to the fullest extent, however. This is the one major downfall of Kraken, and it's also one of the things that deters many people from it. If you want to use this site, however, a picture and pictures of a few ids are all you need to get started on this modern exchange site.


One of the best and most used exchanges out there, Coinbase requires the least verification of nearly any exchange site, and includes more tools than any other. With its optimal exchange rates, quick transfers, and even a free built-in web wallet for medium to short term storage, Coinbase is your go-to if you want some bitcoin quick and easily. Accepting bank transfers, credit, and debit cards, Coinbase really is the most convenient site out there, whether you're looking to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Coinbase even includes tools like recurring buy orders so you can slowly accrue bitcoin over time or if you want to buy a lot over a short period of time. Great stuff!

Now that you've got your bitcoin, it's time to securely store your coins. Although we do recommend paper wallets or hardware wallets (of which the latter is more expensive but more secure and durable), web wallets do work just fine if you have the correct encryption and security features on the wallet. First, withdraw your bitcoin to a web, paper, or hardware wallet of your choice. Make sure you truly own the wallet and it is in your possession, or else the coins will be lost forever. The reason we're doing this is because many exchanges are famous for being hacked and in most cases, the exchange will not give you your stolen bitcoins or money back- it is your own responsibility to ensure that your coins are safely stored, not anybody else's for the most part.

Second, set up 2FA if possible at a minimum or if you don't have a phone, email confirmation. This means if somebody logs into your account without your permission, they will need to use the 2FA or email to continue the transfer or login onto the wallet. After this, you're free to go! Enjoy your bitcoin and use it however you wish.