I'm sure we've all been there before- you're trying to send a payment or trying to convert hashes to addresses when suddenly you can't find an easy way to do so on google or any search engine. With Bitcoin Tools, that won't happen anymore- the service has more than 10 helpful stats and tools to help make your bitcoin life much easier and more simple!

Because this site has many different tools, we'll just review the few that we deem most important.

Wallet Balance

Many sites feature fancy UIs and millions of other tools that you don't need that bog down the page and makes it hard for you to find something as simple as the balance of a bitcoin wallet, so Bitcoin Tools improved on this and made the balance checker just a simple copy-paste operation. Just copy and paste your bitcoin address into the tool and click submit to see the balance of a SINGLE bitcoin address- this will not work for multiple addresses, unfortunately. We've sent an email to the site about this issue and we'll see if any more additional features are added on to this tool.

Pubkey to address

Pubkeys are hashed versions of an address, if you didn't know, and they're impossible to decipher without a tool that does so for you (it is possible, but it'll take you quite a while without any help). Bitcoin Tools has made this tool just like the address checker and has made it no-frills, with just the simple copy-paste and submit key that you'll get familiar with if you use our site often. The checker will only work if the address is available, so keep that in mind while using the tool.

Total Bitcoin

Whether you're a crypto geek or just interested in how many bitcoins are out there today, Bitcoin Tools has a handy tool for that, too! Simply click the Total Bitcoin button and you'll see how many bitcoins are currently circulating and the market cap of Bitcoin. Keep in mind that large bitcoin data can be delayed for up to an hour ( this shouldn't bother you much at all unless you've got some work that requires accurate precision).

Mining Difficulty

Looking to mine Bitcoin, but don't know how high the difficulty currently is? Bitcoin Tools has that information, too- simply go to their Bitcoin Toolbox page and select Mining Difficulty and you'll be able to see current mining difficulty that is, again, updated every single hour. Difficulty only changes every 2016 blocks, so it's not too critical either way (again, unless you happen to be unlucky and try to get difficulty just as it changes).

These are only a few of the tools available here at Bitcoin Tools, and there will be more additions as time goes on- if you like this article, feel free to share it with your friends! We have fresh content every week and more!